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About Jim Thomas

This site is dedicated to the Music and Memories of the 1970's. I started my radio career in January 1969 after three years in the Army and a year in Vietnam. I met my wife Sweet Loretta in 1969 and we were married two years later. So you see why the 70's mean a lot to me, not only was I starting a new career but a family too. J.J. was born two years later and Michael 5 years after that.

I Grew up listening to the radio in the 50's and 60's. Started playing drums in 1960, which led to a band, road gigs and eventually the U.S. Army, Vietnam, then finally I got to get on the Air as Army Sergeant Jim Thomas with the Fort Wood Show in 1969. From there it led to Oklahoma, Florida and most of my 35 years in radio in Dallas, Texas my home.

I worked at a bunch of radio stations over the years, you can see them all if you care to, my resume is listed below. My website 70's Preservation Society has been continuously on the web since 1998. I retired from radio in 2001, but it's in my blood and I can't sleep at night, so we decided to put a station on the internet. The rest as they say, is history.

In these pages you'll find some things that I've always liked to do, like following the record charts. Each week we'll have a list of the music at the top of the charts this week in the 1970's, just go to Week in Music under 70's History and pick a year. I was playing this music on the radio then. What a trip it is to see that its popularity is still strong. To send me an email, use the contact button below.

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About JJ Thomas

You guessed it, Jim is my dad!

You could say I grew up in/on radio. In fact, I was the result of a radio station contest which began my passion for radio.

I was broadcast on the air at KDSX in Denison Texas, June 1st, 1973 when Jim played a recording of my baby screams on the station via a two-way radio from the station news car... JINXED!

You may have heard me in Corpus Christi, Austin, or Tallahassee most recently and more than likely I owe somebody along the way 10 bucks. To send me an email, use the contact button below.

Week in Music History

Ever wonder what song was number one in a particular week during the 70's? The Week in Music shows you what songs were number one on the billboard Album Chart, Pop Chart and R&B Chart, offered to you in the current month. You can play trivia with your friends or stump them because you knew it first because your a regular here at The 70's Preservation Society.

On the main page, you'll see the different years that covered the 70’s. Choose a year and you'll know what was number one in the current month for this week in the 70's.

From all of us at The 70's Preservation Society, we hope you enjoy your visit to our website and share us with your friends. We would love to hear from you!

The Keeper of the Faith
Jim Thomas

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