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The 70's Preservation Society is dedicated to the music and memories of the 1970's. We proudly offer our streaming music channel called, 70's Classics which streams to you at 128 bit for your listening enjoyment 24 hrs a day.

The 70’s Preservation Society sponsors the 70's on Shuffle - A random mix of the whole decade! We also offer a live webcast with Jim and J.J. Thomas every Friday at 8pm central we call, The Class Reunion.

You will also find a little about us, Jim and JJ Thomas. A few memories from my old radio show called 70's Saturday Night and some 1970's music history with Week In Music. Also some 1970's related website links for you to check out.

To listen to the live stream you have a few choices, you can use the menu above to select Radio Show / Live Stream. Or click on the 70's Classics logo found at the top of of every page of this website.

Show TidBits

These clips are placed here for the memories of "70’s Saturday Night” and for those who remember the show and would enjoy hearing these small audio cuts once again.

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Show Podcasts

These are a behind the scenes clips of "The Class Reunion” show available as podcasts without the music. You’ll be able to hear what we talked about during the live shows.

Week in Music History

Ever wonder what song was number one in a particular week during the 70's? The Week in Music shows you what songs were number one on the billboard Album Chart, Pop Chart and R&B Chart, offered to you in the current month. You can play trivia with your friends or stump them because you knew it first because your a regular here at The 70's Preservation Society.

On the main page, you'll see the different years that covered the 70’s. Choose a year and you'll know what was number one in the current month for this week in the 70's.

From all of us at The 70's Preservation Society, we hope you enjoy your visit to our website and share us with your friends. We would love to hear from you!

The Keeper of the Faith
Jim Thomas

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