70's Classics Listeners: It is with a heavy heart that the need for donations has become necessary to continue to provide you with the best music of 70's. The continuing rising costs of the stream, license issues that are becoming more and more costly and difficult as well as the increasing time demands to keep up with all the agencies and reports which are now required to be able to legally stream has made the need for donations a must to continue. Without a serious increase in donations, we will not be able to continue offering the world the greatest music ever made!

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It's All About The Music!

This site is dedicated to the music and memories of the 1970's. Please enjoy your visit to our site, we would love to hear from you! Be sure to listen to our streaming music on The 70's Preservation Society on Listen2MyRadio called 70's Classics. We have Daily Music Specials you can find on our show schedule, including a live webcast with Jim and J.J. every Friday at 8pm central with The Class Reunion, just click on the Listen to 70's Classics button below or the musical note at the far right of the menu above to join us anytime.

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  • Show Schedule

    Check out the schedule and hear something different each day!

    Monday: #1 songs all day.

    Tuesday: Classic Rock and Album Cuts all day.

    Wednesday: One Hit Wonders and Novelty Songs of the 70's All Day.

    Thursday: Top 40 songs all day.

    Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Music Free For All - a mixture of everything from the 70's from Abba to Zappa. Featuring a Live Webcast of The Class Reunion every Friday Night.

    Soul Sunday: Soul Music from the 70's From 6pm till midnight central time.

    Be sure to join us every Friday for a Live Webcast at 8pm Central featuring 2 hours of edutainment with The Class Reunion, Hosted by Jim, J.J. and Miles.

  • Show TidBits

    The Radio show, 70's Saturday Night is no longer on the air or transmitted via the internet. These TidBits are placed here for the memories and for those who remember the show and enjoy hearing these small tidbits again.

    All the Tid-Bits are recorded in MP3 format and are streamed to you for your listening enjoyment. Simply use the player above to listen and navigate through all of the TidBits. We hope you enjoy these TidBits from our past radio show, 70’s Saturday Night.

  • Show Podcasts

    The Podcast shows, are behind the scenes of The Class Reunion are now available as a podcast without the music. You'll be able to hear what we talked about during the show. We hope you enjoy hearing these podcasts and if there is something you'd like to add to the podcast, please write and let us know on the contact page.

  • Donate to 70’s Classics
    Do you enjoy listening to 70’s Classics? We sincerely hope you do and you will continue to listen and spread the word to others to keep this music alive and well for future generations to enjoy. With the changes to internet radio like royalties, dedicated stream server and additional costs for time involved in putting this all together, this is no longer just a hobby and most broadcasters have given up and closed down there streams.

    The 70’s Preservation Society has taken on these new challenges and we hope to continue to bring you the best music ever made for many years to come. However, the costs to do so have increased and we assume will continue to increase. As we grow and add more listeners and stream max levels our costs go up accordingly.

    For these reasons, as well as in response to the many emails we have received concerning this matter… We have decided to offer our listeners the opportunity to help support this station and all the wonderful music and entertainment we make available to everyone streamed in 128bit for excellent sound quality.

    To be clear, this is NOT something anyone should feel obligated to do and in no way is it required to listen to the music or additional entertainment we offer. We offer this simply for those who would like to offer financial support to something they enjoy listening to would like the feelings of helping to keep it on the air.

    Any funds collected will be used for the following:

    • Help or cover costs of main hosting account for the website including maintenance, bandwidth and design matters.
    • Help or cover costs for stream server to included fees, additional stream seats as we grow.
    • Help or cover costs to Sound Exchange for royalties to insure everyone involved is properly compensated as required.
    • Help or cover costs for staff to compensate for time and efforts involved in bringing the show to the public.

    If you would like to donate to the cause, please click on the button below to donate any amount you feel you can to help the 70’s Classics stay on the air using your PayPal account or major credit card processed through PayPal.
  • Save Internet Radio!
    Save Internet Radio
    Just before the holiday break 2015 the CRB (Copyright Royalty Board) handed down the decision on new royalty rates for all webcasters. Prior to this decision there was a special CONGRESSIONAL LAW titled the "Small Webcasters Agreement of 2009" or SWA which made these insanely expensive royatly fees affordable and kept innovative programmers and new emerging artists on the air. (The SWA expired on Jan, 1 2016 at midnight ) They are now being SHUT DOWN by the tens of thousands.. Nearly 100,000 small webcasters will go off the air without YOUR help!
    With this new ruling by the CRB there was NO provision for small webcasters and the prognosis is not good for about 100,000 United States small internet stations. The old rates under the Small Webcasters Agreement of 2009 (set by congress) were adequate, as long as you didn't make over $1.25 million a year and had less than 5 million listener hours monthly. These NEW rates, albeit lower, apply to everyone and there is NO provision for the small webcaster. These new rates are effective January 1 2016, but we can change this if we act NOW!
    Here's how this insane system works:
    The new royalty rates apply to EVERY COMMERCIAL BROADCASTER at .0017 per performance. If you had 1000 listeners on at all times, each song would cost you $1.70 to play. If you play 15 songs an hour, the royalties alone are $25.50 an HOUR! That's $612.00 per DAY and $223,380.00 per year.
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