PRODWERX - Your online production studio.
Our production staff has decades of experience in all phases of voice work and station imaging, commercial production, narration or training film, voice over services, website intro's, answer machine messages and more.
Services Listing:
  • High quality production and imaging.
  • Fast turnaround times (Usually within 24 hours).
  • Fully produced spots complete with royalty free music.
  • Your audio sent to you immediately by email, Fedex or FTP upload to your site.
  • Professional support to make sure your project sounds the very best it can.
We specialize in but are not limited too:
  • Radio Commercials.
  • TV-Voice Over Commercials.
  • Product Demonstration Narration.
  • Audio Books.
  • Power Point and Flash Narration.
  • On Hold Messages and Answering.
  • Video Game Voices.
  • Website Narration.
  • Podcast (Including editing, production, introductions, voicing for written Podcasts.)

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